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Craigslist Email scraper and craigslist auto reply bot is window based applications which will help you to auto reply on latest ads on using your gmail accounts.  the fastest Craigslist harvester. That automatically extract email address from craigslist classifieds !

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple, affordable system that could search Craigslist classified postings and Extract Email Address…AUTOMATICALLY! Take the hassle out of copying email addresses from Craigslist and get automated with Craigslist Email scrapper.

It’s simple, effective and you simply can’t afford not to have it!


This will help you on your daily craigslist activity. If you are even thinking about doing business on craigslist, you’ll want this script. Auto reply ads with this super powerful craigslist bot. Of course, one of the BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE parts of Craigslist Auto reply bot is the fact that you can auto reply on multiple cragislist ads from different categories with your gmail accounts. 

If you want to extract email address from craigslist and reply to them manually, then you can use our craigslist email harvester which can help you to extract email address and expert them to excel csv.


Craigslist email harvester features 




You can target individual city and category that you want to extract data from. Here are some examples of how our members are using this service:


craigslist email scraper

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Craigslist Auto Reply Bot Value $49.00

Watch how our Craigslist Auto reply BOT works

The tool allows you to extract helpful data from your target  categories and you can utilize it easily, quickly and accurately than ever before. It is a hassle free, simple and effective way to extract data from Craigslist.

It searches postings in any city and category combination.


Our Software Works with Craigslist latest algorithm !

The desktop based software  requires one time set up and you don’t need to waste your time to extract craigslist emails again and again. it can extract email address, and remove the duplicate data as well!

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Please note, that you will need to install latest Microsoft .Net to work with this bot Download Here
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